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Mowing for a healthy lawn

As the first few warm days of spring bring forth the promise of enjoying the outdoors for things like bike riding, hiking, camping and playing golf, it is also time to get ready to spend time on your property doing things like grilling, gardening, and lawn mowing. Mowing falls into a large spectrum for people. […]

Early Spring means …. Weeds! What to do

Are you seeing a sea of yellow instead of a green lawn or are other weeds already getting under your skin? Weeds this year have come much earlier than we are used to. Much of this is because of the late winter and early spring with warm weather followed by late March moisture. The stress […]

It’s Almost Spring!

Welcome to “almost spring” everyone!   We know that spring is still several weeks away, but as usual, we have begun sending out your Plant Health Care (PHC) Proposals for 2017. Please take a look at your proposals and call us if you have any questions.  Many of our treatments are time sensitive so please […]

Dog Damage to Lawns – What Can You Do?

Dog Damage to Lawns Those of us who own dogs see our beloved four legged friends as family, but just like a kid, having dogs means some extra work beyond the normal care and love all dogs need and crave. One of often unexpected issues with owning a dog is the damage they do to […]

Winter Lawn Care Tips

While the winter months is not a normal time to think about lawn care, there are a few things everyone can do to keep lawns in the best condition possible for greening up when spring arrives. Ice-melt and Salt Damage: Icy walks are treacherous and some salt or other ice-melt products are needed to prevent […]

Wrapping trees for Winter – it helps!

Wrapping young and/or thin barked trees in the winter is helpful to prevent sunscald in the winter. Trunk wrapping paper provides a layer of protection from the large temperature shifts and intense southwestern sun exposure we experience in the winter. Preventing trunk damage ensures your trees vascular system will be able to move water, sugar, […]

Be Prepared For Winter Mites

Winter mites are starting to appear as sprinkler systems are turned off and lawns dry out: The warm days and cold nights this October have caused mites to come out early. Lawn mite populations are already high, so damage is already starting in dry and sunny areas of lawns. As soon as the sprinkler systems […]

Fall is Here!

The leaves are beginning to change and Mother Nature is putting on a show. As the caretakers of our landscapes we can assist our trees and shrubs in order to put on the best display of fall color possible. The key is water, which in Colorado is no surprise. Our trees require water to go […]

Get to Know Eric Hanneken – Planting Manager

Eric was born in Cincinnati, Ohio where he began work in the landscape field. His 9 years of experience include working for a garden center, a tree company, commercial lawn maintenance, and residential/commercial landscaping. He graduated from the Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture in August of 2016, and left […]