Tree Top Times

Fall is here! Is your lawn ready?

Watering Your Lawn Even though temperatures might be cooler than in summer, your lawn still needs water. Since lawn grasses continue to grow throughout the fall, watering is still important to sustain growth. Go ahead and water as needed, usually about an inch to an inch and a half per week, until the ground is […]

Improving landscape drainage.

Who could have ever imagined Denver having as much precipitation as we have had this year? Not only the amount but the duration of the wet weather has made a tremendous impact on our industry. One of the most common requests this year has been for improving drainage on our client’s properties. As this is […]

Landscape Fabric – is it beneficial?

THE GREAT WEED BARRIER DEBATE: Is landscape fabric really that beneficial?  When planning on planting an area around the house most of us think that some type of barrier to minimize the weed infestation is an absolute necessity. Professional weed barriers do provide a level of deterrent for weed populations; however, they do not eliminate […]

Is Xeriscape for you?

XERISCAPE When xeriscape is mentioned, most people immediately think of plants that need only water provided by nature to survive and nothing else. This is not  what  xeriscape actually stands for. Xeriscaping is a term that has been used for more than three decades to describe a landscape that is suitable for an arid climate […]

2014 Picks: Low Water Plants for Denver

Check out the latest picks for our Colorado climate from Plant Select! This Hummingbird trumpet mint will attract hummingbirds to your garden. Plus, it’s great for dry, clay areas and rock gardens.  See all of the  2014 picks at Let us know if you need help with a low-water landscape design for your yard, […]