Mountain High Tree are the gurus in Centennial tree, lawn, and plant health care.

We are professionals at making your lawn beautiful, at making your trees strong and resilient, and at making your plants beautiful. We have years of experience to bring Centennial the best in plant, tree, and lawn care.

Climbing trees and building tree houses are a few of our childhood memories. Right? Here at Mountain High, we help keep your trees healthy so your children can enjoy these cherished pastimes. As tree doctors, we do this by offering multiple Centennial tree services. These include planting new trees, removing old trees, stump removal and pruning or trimming.

All of us enjoy a lush green lawn to play with our kids and pets, host neighborhood parties or just hanging out and relaxing. Mountain High Tree, the lawn gurus, work hard to create and maintain green yards. We offer various services. We provide an organic fertilizer keeping your lawn healthy with no adverse chemicals. We provide weed control to eliminate difficult weeds. We provide aeration. Lawn aeration is the poking of small holes in the lawn. These small holes allow air, water and fertilizer to better reach the grass root system.

Plants and shrubs beautify a yard. When designing your yard, plants and shrubs are a great addition. However, many plants can be fragile. The gurus at Mountain High Tree are not worried about it. Centennial Plant Health Care includes many services. We offer organic insecticides, killing plant-munching pests without harming your children or pets. Mountain High Tree offers perimeter pest control to help keep insects out of your home. We also offer plant fertilizer specifically for trees and shrubs so they will grow strong and healthy. Our services will help your plants and trees have a long life and be healthy and green. Plant fertilization programs really help. Ask us what is best for your landscape.

We also offer a line of Supreme Organic Mulch ™ intended to help areas of your landscape stay healthy. Our mulch is made from 100% recycled tree debris from trees we prune throughout the city. There is a choice of colors and textures to match any landscaping need. Mulch also helps to hydrate plants and trees, while keeping weeds from growing through. You can pick up at our Lakewood location or we can deliver our organic mulch throughout the Centennial neighborhood.

The gurus at Mountain High Tree has a lot to offer Centennial residents, whether it’s keeping your trees healthy, keeping you grass lush, or keeping your plants beautiful. Mountian High Tree expertly provides Centennial tree care, lawn care, and plant health care.

For a Complimentary Consultation, please call us at 303.232.0666.