Mountain High Tree provides expert service in Littleton Lawn Care, Littleton Tree Care, and Littleton Plant Health Care.

Take a look at your property and imagine what it could be if you hired a professional company to take care of your landscape needs. We will help you grow soft green grass, keep your trees healthy, and your plants beautiful. You will truly love and enjoy your property for many years. Our Littleton Lawn Care, Littleton Tree Care, and Littleton Plant Health Care experts have over 40 years of experience – creating the yard of your dreams.

Trees provide us with shade, a trunk to lean against and read a book, and oxygen for our environment. Mountain High Tree has over 20 Certified Arborist to help your Littleton trees. To keep your trees healthy, we recommend pruning and fertilization. We also have a crew who can remove damage trees and will remove the stump. If you are looking to replace a tree, we will work with you and recommend the best species for the area and do the planting. Mountain High Tree is your Littleton tree doctor.

Littleton Lawn Care is another of our services. Picture a beautiful green lawn you can lay down on and take a nap, your children and pets can play for hours – the grass is green and healthy and you feel serene and peaceful. As lawn doctors, Mountain High Tree works to transform your lawn into a place of beauty. We do this by using organic fertilizer. This means no chemicals to harm you pets and kids. It also means giving your grass essential nutrients needed to stay healthy. We provide weed control, as well. We know how hard they are to get rid of, but we are trained and knowledgeable, and use the best products. We also provide aeration. We poke small holes in the lawn, allowing air, water and fertilizer to reach the grass roots.

Plants growing around the yard, beside the patio, around the deck add so much character to a yard and a home. Mountain High Tree happens to be experts in Littleton Plant Health Care. We offer organic insecticides, an excellent way to get rid of those bugs eating your plants without hurting any other wildlife. We also offer plant fertilizers specifically for your trees and shrubs. Just like your lawn, they will be getting essential minerals and nutrients.

Mountain High Tree lawn doctors offer our own Supreme organic mulch™. We recycle 100% of our tree debris into many colors and textures for your landscape. Plus, our organic mulch keeps your lawn and plants hydrated while fighting weeds. Pick up at our Lakewood location or we can deliver to you.

Mountain High Tree is your yard doctor in lawn care, tree care, and plant health care. We create a yard for you to enjoy and take pride in. If you have any questions or would like a Complimentary Consultation – please contact us at Mountain High Tree – 303.232.0666 for all your Littleton yard doctor needs