Greenwood Village

Mountain High Tree takes care of Tree Care, Lawn Care, and Plant Health Care in Greenwood Village.

Take a look out the window and see your beautiful lawn, lush trees and healthy plants. This is the scene everyone wants to see from their front room window. Here at Mountain High Tree, we work hard to ensure every yard is treated with care and consideration for our customer’s needs. We are professionals in lawn care, tree care, and plant health care working diligently in Greenwood Village.

Tall trees for climbing, for tree houses, for shade – what a lovely view to see as you walk into your backyard. Our trained technicians work with trees in Greenwood Village, keeping them healthy through many different programs. We prune trees, we remove trees, offer stump removal and we plant new trees. We offer great tree service throughout Greenwood Village.

Lush green grass tickles your toes as you walk barefoot through your lawn. What a great feeling! Mountain High Tree knows the importance of a lush lawn, and we work throughout Greenwood Village to provide that expertise. We offer services to help your lawn grow thick and soft. We have organic fertilizer, bringing nutrients to your grass. We offer effective, yet safe weed control to eliminate those lawn pests. We offer aeration, a process designed to get air, water and fertilizer to the roots of your grass. Our lawn care experts work hard and smart to keep your lawn healthy and green all season long.

There’s nothing like the beauty, the smell, the enjoyment of plants and shrubs. Mountain High Tree serves Greenwood Village to keep these plants healthy. We use a special organic insecticide that kills insects while still preserving plants and wildlife. We also have plant fertilizer designed just for plants and trees so they can get just as many nutrients and minerals as your well-cared-for lawn.

Our Supreme organic mulch ™ is made from 100% of our tree debris from trees we prune or cut down around town. Our mulch helps to hydrate trees and plants. It also helps prevent weeds from emerging in your beds. It is sustainable, recycled and comes in a variety of colors and textures so you can match the mulch with your landscape style. Available for pick up at our Lakewood location or delivery.

Mountain High Tree serves Greenwood village with our expertise in Tree Care, Lawn Care, and Plant Health Care. Call our office today at 303.232.0666 for a complimentary consultation.