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Why Homeowners prefer Mountain High Tree & Lawn for Lawn Care

Why Homeowners prefer Mountain High Tree & Lawn for Lawn Care 

When the Lawn professionals at Mountain High Tree and Lawn are on your property, they can give information and make recommendations to help your lawn’s heath and vigor.  

In addition to having a professional look over your property, the applicators have a knowledge and understanding of the active ingredients within the chemicals. This allows for much safer applications because Mountain High trains techs to understand the chemicals far beyond what most property owner do. This means we use the proper applications at the proper times with no waste. In addition, Mountain High scientifically applies the right feed and weed control at the right time. For instance, did you know some weed controls are designed for different temperatures? Putting down one designed for cool weather during the heat of summer can damage surrounding plants. 

As you consider this, keep in mind warmer weather is just around the corner. Once soil temperatures get a little warmer, crabgrass will start sprouting. Now is a great time to apply pre-emergent to keep unwanted annual grass at bay throughout the rest of the season.  

Our team handles all the chemicals and fertilizer your lawn needs skillfully and safely. Let us apply the products your lawn needs so you can enjoy your lawn while not worrying about what chemicals to buy and where to store them. Keep your hands free so you can have more time to enjoy your lawn and weekends. Leave the fertilizing and chemicals to us.  

The handling of pesticides and fertilizer is not as easy as some home improvement stores and commercials make it sound. When considering the time and money to buy the products, safely store them, and having to worry about application rates and timing, it may be not only easier but safer to allow a professional to treat your lawn. 

Here are the top four reasons you should let the pros at Mountain High Tree & Lawn handle your lawn care:
1) The property owner does not have to handle chemicals or fertilizers
2) There is no leftover product storage
3) Since we apply all the chemicals there is much less exposure for your family or pets
4) Applications will be done with the proper application rates which are beneficial for both the property and the environment.