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Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Mulch

Discerning gardeners have probably noticed that many landscapers in the Denver area have a tendency to use cedar or redwood bark mulches. While these products are attractive, they have several disadvantages, especially with regard to sustainability and environmental friendliness. For one thing, these products have to be shipped in from elsewhere, which adds to the […]

Celebrate Arbor Day ~ Plant a Tree!

Celebrate Arbor Day – Plant A Tree In the world of trees, April is the month for Arbor Day and planting trees.  Julius Sterling Morton started Arbor Day in April of 1872 in Nebraska.  Today, Arbor Day is recognized in every state on various dates, usually coinciding with a good time of year to plant […]

Improving landscape drainage.

Who could have ever imagined Denver having as much precipitation as we have had this year? Not only the amount but the duration of the wet weather has made a tremendous impact on our industry. One of the most common requests this year has been for improving drainage on our client’s properties. As this is […]

Pavers: Specifications you should know!

Landscape Nearly every hardware or garden store seems to have an abundance of options when it comes to paver selection. Between the styles, sizes, shapes and colors you can create nearly any look you can possibly dream up. As you go out and tackle a paver project on your own or have a contractor put […]

Landscape Fabric – is it beneficial?

THE GREAT WEED BARRIER DEBATE: Is landscape fabric really that beneficial?  When planning on planting an area around the house most of us think that some type of barrier to minimize the weed infestation is an absolute necessity. Professional weed barriers do provide a level of deterrent for weed populations; however, they do not eliminate […]

What to look for when purchasing plants

Understanding what to look for when selecting plant material can make the difference between a healthy tree or shrub and one that will struggle or die. Typically the smaller the plant, the less you have to look for. When it comes to smaller one or two gallon plants, you should be looking for firm, consistently colored foliage […]

Winter landscape problems – Sunscald

Landscape It is hard to believe that with the shorter days and the much cooler temperatures that there is anything that may pose a risk to the plant material in our landscape. The younger deciduous trees in your yard may be at risk for something known as sun scald. When the day time temperatures climb […]

Mosquito Repelling plants in Denver

Rosemary, Horsemint, Marigold, Lemon Balm, Ageratum, Cintronella, Catnip, Basil, Lemon Thyme and Lavender are all mosquito repellents… who knew?! We have some of these planted in our gardens, but maybe they all have to be planted together to work! We love all these plants for our landscapes as well as container gardens, so we’ll keep […]

Planting a Vegetable Garden in Colorado – 8 Tips

Here are some good tips for planting your veggies and flowers this weekend: 1. Pick healthy looking plants if buying from the store – avoid wilted, dried out, or root bound seedlings. 2. Harden off your plants before planting! That means, put them where you’re going to plant them (keeping them watered) for up to […]

2014 Picks: Low Water Plants for Denver

Check out the latest picks for our Colorado climate from Plant Select! This Hummingbird trumpet mint will attract hummingbirds to your garden. Plus, it’s great for dry, clay areas and rock gardens.  See all of the  2014 picks at Let us know if you need help with a low-water landscape design for your yard, […]