Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Keep weeds out with a healthy lawn.

The best preventative against weeds is a healthy lush lawn. When the lawn is healthy and lush the weeds become crowded out. Your lawn needs a proper fertilization program combined with good cultural practices such as proper watering. Herbicides for weed control are included in all of Mountain Highs lawn care programs and will get a handle on those nuisance weeds. In spring and summer we will see not only dandelions but also thistle and bindweed are rearing their ugly heads. These are tougher weeds and they will require having a weed program in place to gain control from season to season.

We are firm believers in pre-emergent weed control. For ongoing weed control, we only use spot weed control treatments when needed, we never spray for weeds where there are none! As we care for our trees and environment, our organic lawn fertilization programs are designed to work in harmony with nature so that you can have a healthy green lawn!

Please consult with our lawn care department if you are experiencing weed problems in you lawn or native areas.

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