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Denver Tree Company - Emerald Ash BorerBy definition, Plant Health Care (PHC) is a proactive approach to maintaining and improving tree and shrub health using holistic and comprehensive techniques and products. It includes timely monitoring of plant material to determine what, if any, treatments are needed at any given time. PHC also anticipates potential pests via preventative treatments. It may also include cultural practices such as pruning and mulching, as well as proper watering and fertilization techniques.

At Mountain High, our goal is to maximize plant health while minimizing unnecessary pesticide applications. Plant monitoring, with timely inspections to determine when treatment is necessary, is part of this process. We also utilize alternative control options like soil and trunk injections when appropriate. Organic, natural and biological options also are offered where they are effective.

Insect Pest Control for Trees in Denver

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Healthy plants and shrubs bring color, variety, seasonal interest, and beauty to a landscape. With proper care, they can be a pleasure year after year; without it, plants and shrubs can become overgrown or susceptible to pests and disease. Mountain High can partner with you to create healthy, water-wise, vigorous plants and shrubs. We can help you address a variety of plant health care concerns from controlling disease and pests such as insects and beetles to implementing environmentally sensitive fertilization programs, supplemental watering schedules, soil and trunk injections and more.

Our expert teams can inspect your plants and make recommendations that fit your budget and your needs—whether short or long-term.

Our Plant Health Care Services include:

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