Cherry Hills

Professionals in Cherry Hills Lawn Care, Cherry Hills Tree Care, Cherry Hills Plant Health Care – Mountain High Tree revitalizes your landscape.

We here at Mountain High Tree are professionals in lawn care, tree care, and plant health care since 1974. We work with our team of experts to maintain green and healthy landscapes for you. We work to keep your yard thick and lush. We want to keep your trees healthy and strong. We want to keep your plants beautiful and green. It is our mission to do our best to keep your yard looking it’s best!

Trees often need care, and we are the Cherry Hills tree care experts to provide care for them. We know how comforting tree shade is or the turning of the leaves in fall – so you can trust that we do not want you to lose the joy your trees bring you. With that said, we offer several services that will keep your trees looking great. We do tree pruning, essential to a tree’s health. We also do tree removal, stump removal and tree installation, keeping your trees looking fresh and healthy.

Isn’t it special to walk barefoot into lush grass; to watch your kids and pets play on a beautiful lawn? Our Cherry Hills lawn care services are determined to make this your reality. Our services keep your lawn green and healthy so you can enjoy the lawn you deserve. We provide organic fertilizer that keeps your grass lush without any harm to your pets or children. We provide weed control. Weeds can be challenging but we are the experts and work to eliminate any problem areas. We also do lawn aeration. Aeration is a process of poking holes in your lawn which allows air, water, and fertilizer to reach the grass roots.

Your landscape consists of shrubs, bushes and plants. They complement your property and give a complete design experience. We at Mountain High know their importance to your property value, which is why we offer many services for plant health care. Also, there are many insects who take over your plant’s health. We use organic insecticides, eliminating the insects and keeping your plants safe. We offer fertilizer specifically for tree and shrubs. Just like fertilizing your lawn, your trees and plants will get all the essential nutrients from our plant health services. Plant fertilizer matters.

We make our own Supreme Organic Mulch ™ recycled from 100% of the tree debris from the trees we work on. Mulch protects plants by keeping them hydrated during the hot and dry weather. Our mulch also keeps weeds from emerging into your garden beds. Mountain High makes this at our location and offers many choices of color and style so you can select the product that works best in your landscape.

At Mountain High Tree, we are the professionals for Cherry Hills Lawn Care, Cherry Hills Tree Care, and Cherry Hills Plant Health Care. We look forward to having you as our customer and helping you to have the yard of your dreams. Call us today for a Complimentary consultation.