At Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape, we understand the importance of being a good neighbor. If you have a project you would like us to look at, call our office and we will see how we can help you.

Helping our community is important to us.

Here are a few stories of the programs we support and offer our services to help make our community a better place:

Community ForesterCommunity Forester Program / The Park People Sponsorship
Mountain High Tree is proud to sponsor the Community Forester Program, a program of The Park People, a nonprofit organization preserving, enhancing, and advocating for Denver’s parks, recreation resources, open space and urban forest. The Community Forester Program empowers individuals to lead tree planting and care activities within the community.

Denver Mulch Delivery

Mulch Donation & Delivery to the
Historic Montclair Community Garden
We love community gardens!
For the second year, we donated 20 yards of Supreme Organic Mulch to the Historic Montclair Community Garden in Denver’s Montclair neighborhood off of Colfax. They use the mulch for their walkways and to beautify their front flower beds and cut down on weeds.  Thank you gardeners for making the neighborhood a greener place! Best wishes for another  fruitful season.

Denver Tree Company - PartnershipDenver East High School Project
Since 2008, Mountain High Tree Service has adopted the most notable trees on the historic East High School campus in downtown Denver. The company’s seasonal donation of pruning and mulch have been essential to the school community’s current effort to improve the health of the existing trees and shrubs,enhance their natural, seasonal beauty and promote their educational value.

Highline Academy Project:
Highline Academy students wanted to redo an area by their playground, so we helped to take out the old juniper bushes and give the students a good starting point for their project.

Earth Forces & Skinner Middle School Project:
Mountain High Tree Service donated mulch to Skinner middle school, and Emily’s Garden. Emily was a teacher and friend at Skinner who was murdered by a gang. We agreed to donate under the circumstances that they all promised to keep up with Emily’s Garden to honor her, with all of their hard work, and make the garden thrive with life… and have lots of fun doing it.