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We offer Denver tree trimming and tree removal. It is important to know the natural growth habits of a tree in order to identify any issues that need to be addressed. We have over 20 Certified Arborists – so when you call us, they will come inspect your trees and shrubs and make a professional recommendation for the appropriate service needed. Pruning your trees will keep them healthy and beautiful for many years to come.

We are fully equipped, licensed and insured to do any job, including large trees – we have very talented tree climbers as well and truck lifts to get any size job done right.

Tree Tips:
Winter is a great time to take a close look at the structure of your mature deciduous trees. During the growing season, leaf canopies obstruct our ability to see branch structures from the ground

  • Branches broken away from the tree but caught up in other branches.
  • Branches with abrupt angles pointing down that could indicate a previous heavy snow load.
  • Cracks or splits in the bark or wood that indicate a significant amount of strength loss.
  • Open cavities along the branches indicate the presence of decay inside the tree.
  • Mushrooms or fruiting bodies are also an indication of internal wood decay.

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Watch our tree trimming video featured on Fox 31:

The FOX31 video above shows what a day in the life of our Arborists and tree climbers is like. Watch how Mountain High Tree’s guys climb, prune, remove large branches with cranes, and battle squirrels!

Why trim your trees?

Deadwood is the prime breeding ground for decay, disease and insect problems. Removing deadwood is an important pruning objective.

Poorly attached and weak or broken branches are very common. Proper understanding of branch attachment is essential when deciding which branches to remove.

Many large older trees can become hazardous; a trained arborist can evaluate and reduce risks through proper pruning.

Most of us enjoy a good looking tree. Crown cleaning, along with lightening of excessively long braches, can return a tree to its natural beauty.

Winter is the best time to prune most trees as it reduces the spread of disease, and allows us to better see the structure for proper pruning.
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Trimming Trees in DenverWhen to Prune:
Many trees and shrubs can be pruned at any time. Some trees, American Elm, Apple, Crabapple, and other disease prone tree are best pruned when dormant. Some flowering shrubs, such as Lilac, are best pruned soon after flowering to allow new buds to form.

Improper Tree Trimming & Pruning:
Poorly made cuts, excessive thinning, topping, or other bad practices can destroy a tree. Always understand why a branch is being pruned before making that cut.

Young Trees:
Corrective pruning of young trees can quickly and easily establish a better-structured tree that will become stronger and require less maintenance in the future.