Highlands Ranch

At Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape, we make sure the grass is greener on your side of the fence in Highlands Ranch.

Since 1974, we at Mountain High Tree & Lawn have been bringing dedicated service to Highlands Ranch residents, ensuring your lawn is shimmering green and your trees and shrubs are bountiful and healthy.

Remember when you would climb trees and have meetings in your tree house with your friends as a kid? We at Mountain High Tree & Lawn want to ensure your kids have the same experience by keeping your trees strong and vibrant. As expert arborists, we offer various services for your trees in Highlands Ranch, including planting new trees, tree pruning and removing old trees.

A lush, green lawn can be an inviting place. You can host neighborhood barbecues, have a family picnic right in your backyard and give your kids and pets a nice place to play. At Mountain High Tree & Lawn, we offer several services and products to keep your lawn healthy, including an organic fertilizer, weed control for those gnarly-looking weeds, and aeration, which keeps your lawn hydrated, oxygenated and more receptive of helpful agents such as fertilizer.

Of course, it’s also important to keep your shrubs in Highlands Ranch looking happy. That’s why we at Mountain High Tree & Lawn provide organic pesticides that keep pests away while also making for a safer environment. We also can keep pests out of your home, and we have special fertilizers for your shrubs so they can live a long and healthy life.

Proper mulching is vital for your yard, keeping your trees, shrubs and lawn hydrated while also helping fight weeds. In that sense, Highlands Ranch residents may want to check out our Supreme Organic Mulch. This mulch is made from 100 percent recycled tree debris from trees we’ve pruned in your neighborhood. We even have a choice of colors and textures to match your yard. You can either pick up our Supreme Organic Mulch at our Lakewood location or we can deliver it to your home.

Whether you’re in North Ridge, South Ridge, East Ridge or West Ridge, if you are seeking tree, shrub or lawn care in Highlands Ranch, give us a call at Mountain High Tree & Lawn. We would like nothing more than to care for your property.

For a complimentary consultation, call us at 303-232-0666. We look forward to getting to know you and your yard.