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Beautiful trees do more than enhance our landscape; they enhance the very quality of our lives by creating oxygen, shielding noise, increasing property value and curb appeal, and acting as vital shade for our homes, landscapes, lawns, and gardens. Over the years we’ve become know for our expertise about what it takes to create healthy, vigorous trees in our semi-arid, Colorado environment. We take great pride in our reputation as a tree care expert, and we ensure our customer’s ongoing trust and confidence by doing what’s best for the health of our trees.

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Our Tree Care Services include:

Storm Damage

As everyone who lives here knows, Colorado’s weather can be both severe and unpredictable. Early fall and late spring snow, when trees are in leaf, is probably the most notable cause for severe storm damage to deciduous trees. Icy, wet snows (even when trees are not in leaf), strong winds and micro bursts, along with saturated soils, are other causes of tree damage.

Having your trees properly pruned prior to a storm event is probably the best recommendation we can make. This will prevent or at least lessen the severity of damage in most cases. If you have not had your trees evaluated for preventative pruning needs by a qualified Arborist in the last three years or more, we highly recommend doing so. There is no charge for this service and we’re happy to schedule a consultation.
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Cabling and Bracing

If a tree has a structural defect, such as poorly attached limbs, bad crotches or excessively heavy limbs, and pruning to remove the defect is not an option, installing a high strength cable and/or a steel rod to better support the defects can add a layer of security to the tree. In most cases, these are the types of defects that could have been eliminated if the tree had been correctively pruned when it was young. Typically, cabling and bracing is done in conjunction with pruning to get the tree into the safest condition possible.

Denver Tree Company - Lightning Protection for Trees
Lightning Protection for Trees

Lightening Protection

Generally, lightening protection is only installed on highly valued, large, high-risk trees. This protection consists of attaching copper ribbon to the main limbs and trunk. The ribbon is continued underground, out from the tree, and attached to a copper rod driven into the ground to an area beyond the drip line. Properly installed, this system gives trees very good protection from lightning strike damage.