Mountain High Tree, serving Denver since 1974, is your local expert to call for your Denver Tree, Lawn, and Plant Health Care needs.

We at Mountain High Tree know how to make your Denver lawns green and healthy. We create lush lawns and nurture strong trees, while keeping your plants growing healthy. We work throughout the Denver area.

Walking down the street or resting in a park, everyone enjoys a shady tree canopy, the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves, watching the spring buds bloom and observing the leaves change color in the fall. Our arborists at Mountain High Tree have the training, knowledge and genuine care to keep your trees strong – giving you these experiences year after year. Denver Tree Care at Mountain High Tree offers services such as tree pruning, tree removal, and tree planting to help you with your landscape care.

Denver Lawn Care by Mountain High Tree ensures beautiful green grass – safe for kids and animals. Our organic fertilizer means there are no harmful chemicals and you can be assured that our treatment is safe for your children to run barefoot through the lawn or play ball with your dog. We also provide weed control and aeration so your lawn will be a stunning shade of green. We’re environmentally conscious but do know how to eliminate the weeds. Aeration is the process of poking very small holes into your lawn which allow air, water and fertilizer to easily reach the grass roots.

Who doesn’t want to have a variety of lush, green plants growing in and around their yard? Mountain High Tree’s Plant Health Care services help make this happen. We offer natural insecticides, eliminating nasty pests trying to get at your plants, without harming the environment. Also, keep us in mind for pest control around the perimeter of your home, which helps keep insects from entering your home. We also offer fertilization for shrubs and trees, to keep them strong and healthy and pest free. Using our team for your Plant Health Care will give you the most beautiful landscape in your neighborhood.

Our Supreme organic mulch is our own product that we are proud to highlight. We recycle 100% of our tree debris, it’s sustainable and affordable. Mulch protects a plant’s roots, and smothers any budding weeds. We make several different colors and textures, allowing you to find the perfect mulch to match your yard. We also deliver throughout the Denver Metropolitan Area. Whether you’re in Country Club, Cherry Creek, Belcaro, Washington Park, Sloan Lake, Virginia Village, Berkeley, Highlands, Cook Park, Park Hill, Montebello, Montclair, Lowry, Stapleton or Hampden Heights, we are available to deliver for a small charge or you can pick up at our office location in Lakewood.

Mountain High Tree is dedicated to keeping your Denver lawn green and healthy, your Denver trees strong, and your Denver plants flourishing. For your Denver Lawn Care, Denver Tree Service, and Denver Plant Health Care needs, Mountain High Tree wants to earn your business.

For a Complimentary Consultation, please give us a call: 303.232.0666.