Wheat Ridge

Mountain High Tree offers expert knowledge throughout Wheat Ridge in Tree Care, Lawn Care, and Plant Health Care.

There’s nothing like a beautiful landscape. You walk across your soft grass, sit down beneath the shade of your favorite tree, and smell the aromas of your plants surrounding you. This is your space –to let go, to dream, to relax. You only want the best people to help you maintain this space. Mountain High Tree serves Wheat Ridge through its expertise in tree care, lawn care, and plant health care. We want to help you create and keep your wonderful backyard retreat.

Your tree. Look at it. It’s huge and a little awe-inspiring. The shade reaches out across your yard, and you help your son build a tree house. It’s beautiful and it’s worth preserving. Mountain High Tree can help keep your tree healthy and strong. We offer tree trimming services, tree removal services, stump removal and tree planting services. We work in Wheat Ridge to help you preserve your cherished tree.

Your grass, it’s a soft dark lawn and you like to sit on it, lay down on it, read a book on it. This is your lawn and you want to truly enjoy it. In Wheat Ridge, Mountain High Tree is here to help you preserve and enjoy your lawn. We have great services to keep a lawn healthy. Our organic fertilizer gets your grass the nutrients it needs while remaining safe for your children and pets to play on. We offer safe, yet effective weed control to get rid of those unwanted plants. We offer aeration. Aeration is poking holes in your lawn so air, water and fertilizer can get to the grass roots. Here at Mountain High Tree, we are experts at beautiful lawns. Little things like aeration are easy to overlook – but your grass will thank you.

And then there are your plants. You know how great they look, how great the smell, how much they add to your yard. Throughout Wheat Ridge, Mountain High Tree works hard to maintain your plants. Our plant fertilizer is the best. We offer an organic insecticide, a great way to get rid of insects, eliminating the bugs while plants and wildlife stay safe. Then there is tree and shrub fertilizer. This fertilizer is designed to bring tree and plants essential nutrients.

We offer our own Supreme Organic Mulch ™. Our Mulch is sustainable, recycled and made from 100% of our tree debris. It works great to hydrate your lawn, your trees, and your plants. We offer many colors and textures so you can match the mulch to your landscape design. Pick up at our Lakewood location or delivery available.

Mountain High Tree in Wheat Ridge is a dedicated company. We are experts in Lawn Care, Tree Care, and Plant Health Care. Call us today at 303.232.0666 for a complimentary consultation.