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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lush green, healthy lawn – and someone else did all the work? We pride ourselves in having the best Lawn Team in town who really care about giving you the best service around. Our goal is for you to sit back, relax and enjoy your yard with your family and friends – then, we know we did our job well.

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Denver Lawn Fertilization Programs
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Nature’s Way—the 100% Organic Fertilizer

This 100% locally produced, certified organic fertilizer builds healthy roots while keeping your lawn green and healthy. Nature’s Way is completely safe for people, pets and plants, making it a preferred choice for many of our customers. This is a five-application program, which includes pre-emergent weed control on the first application and broad-leaf weed control on all applications. Learn more about our Organic Lawn Fertilization »

Extended Release Lawn Fertilization Service

This program starts with an early season application of a controlled release fertilizer formulation that breaks down with heat and moisture to allow an even release of nutrients all season. Extended Release fertilization not only includes fewer growth surges, it also doesn’t aggravate diseases such as necrotic ring spot (NRS). The program includes pre-emergent weed control early in the season and four broad-leaf weed control applications. Learn more about this lawn fertilization service »

Conventional Lawn Program Service

This five-application program features a high-quality, locally produced fertilizer guaranteed to keep your lawn green all season long. It also includes a pre-emergent application, along with broad-leaf applications on each visit.

Good to Know – We Use Spot-Spray Weed Control:

Whenever possible, our broad-leaf weed applications are done on a spot-spray basis to avoid the overuse of herbicides. With spot-spraying weed control, we do not spray where there are no weeds, greatly reducing the amount of herbicides compared to lawn products such as weed & feed products, which we advise against using for the overall health of your trees and lawn, read why here.
Learn more about our weed control programs »