Lawn Mites

mitesLawn mites are a common destructive insect that will cause severe damage to drought stressed turf in the Denver area. These mites feed and destroy lawns as early as November and will continue to feed through the winter season, so the damage is often not recognized until lawns begin to come out of dormancy. Areas of lawn where mites have been feeding will stay brown and straw like and will not green up. Mites feed in large numbers and kill areas of turf very quickly.


  • Lawn mites feed in areas that are stressed from drought. Damage begins to occur in winter months continuing into spring.
  • Lawn mites reproduce very quickly building large populations, and cause damage that will require costly re-sodding or re-seeding to repair.
  • Common areas where lawn mites will feed on are on south and west-facing areas, slopes, around trees and edges of turf that border concrete or stone where the sun reflects heat.

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