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Spring Lawn Care

It’s early April along the Front Range and our Spring is in full swing. Temperatures have been higher than normal and weeds have already started to plague lawns. As you look out over your yard you might ask how hard is it to improve and maintain a lawn. Most homeowners start with the basics: A little water, a freshly sharpened blade on the mower, and possibly putting down some store bought fertilizer. It sure seems simple enough. It’s just grass, so how hard can it be?

That question may lead those trying to improve or maintain their lawns to take a closer look. It is only then some minor problems come to light. Other times the problems are much more obvious. However, minor to major, problem areas in a decently watered lawn rarely fix themselves. Allowing a trained professional to look at your lawn now, may well be the difference between a season long enjoyable lawn, or one with difficulties. A lawn care professional can also put together a program to keep the lawn healthy throughout the growing season.

Mountain High’s professional lawn team is carefully trained to make sure your lawn looks its best. Here’s how …

Our technicians are trained to spot problems. For instance a small brown spot might simply look dry … but to a trained eye the damage may be the start of mite damage. Those little arachnids can wreak havoc with your lawn. Another common early spring problem, often missed by the untrained eye, is snow mold. While many see matted down grass that will simply recover over time, our techs could see signs of snow mold and make recommendations to help the lawn recover quicker.

Continued visit by a trained lawn care technician can provide other helpful information. Good lawn mowing practices are key to keeping a lawn healthy. How well is your lawn being mowed? Is it being cut to the correct length for maximum health? Is your blade sharp or dull? The difference is big for the grass: dull blade can rip and tear the blades, while a sharp mower cuts cleanly. A clean cut blade holds moisture better and is more resistant to diseases. Our techs look for this and other small things and communicate issues to help keep your lawn from looking its best.

With the approach of Easter the Easter Bunny, many people see rabbits on the lawn and smile. However, rabbits can cause extensive damage. Mountain High’s lawn technicians can identify rabbit damage and make suggestions to reduce long term problems.

Often times, however, a brown spot is simply a matter of lack of water. After a long dry spell like we’ve experienced recently, we can identify if your lawn is suffering from drought stress or some other problem. Having a professional lawn service can properly identifying what is causing a bad spot in a lawn.

Ask the Lawn Care experts at Mountain High Tree and Lawn for a free lawn analysis. We’ll give you the peace of mind knowing that any lawn concerns are addressed at the beginning of the season.