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Tip of the Month – October Sprinklers

Tip of the month: October temperatures can dip overnight.  Protect your irrigation system from sudden or overnight freeze to prevent costly damages. Shut off the water to your irrigation system (this valve is normally located inside the house). Open your petcock valve connected to your vacuum breaker. Drain the excess water at the shut off […]

Heat, pests, sprinklers and diseases!

The summer of 2016 is in full effect. We are racking up the 90 degree days, and our landscapes are beginning to suffer as a result. Insect populations are high with record numbers of Japanese Beetles, aphids, and mites showing up this season. The combination of insect damage and heat stress is enough to frustrate […]

Drought Stress and Damage Alert:

Drought Stress and Damage Alert: The July weather has hit lawns hard: Many lawns in the Denver area are showing heavy drought stress and insect damage. One of the first signs to look for beyond the brown spots in any stressed lawn is seeing if walking across it leaves easy to see footprints, or does […]

Lawn Mites – what can you do?

The warm days and cold nights this October have caused mites to come out early. Lawn mite populations are already high, so damage is already starting in dry and sunny areas of lawns. As soon as the sprinkler systems get turned off for the season, mite activity starts. Now is the time to start taking […]

Fall is here! Is your lawn ready?

Watering Your Lawn Even though temperatures might be cooler than in summer, your lawn still needs water. Since lawn grasses continue to grow throughout the fall, watering is still important to sustain growth. Go ahead and water as needed, usually about an inch to an inch and a half per week, until the ground is […]

Improving landscape drainage.

Who could have ever imagined Denver having as much precipitation as we have had this year? Not only the amount but the duration of the wet weather has made a tremendous impact on our industry. One of the most common requests this year has been for improving drainage on our client’s properties. As this is […]

Lawn Care for Late Summer:

Watering: For the best grass health it is best to water more heavily, but less often. Deep watering and letting the soil dry forces deeper roots and makes the lawn more drought resistant. During the hottest times of summer a lawn needs about 2.5 inches of water per week. Mow at the right height: Keep […]

Lawn insect and fungus problems – what to look for!

The strange weather of the past two months has left lawns over the entire Denver Metro Area with some rather unusual problems many home owners have not seen before. Many lawns are growing extremely fast because of the wet conditions. This also means some grasses are really standing out, such as tall Fescue which is […]

Landscape Fabric – is it beneficial?

THE GREAT WEED BARRIER DEBATE: Is landscape fabric really that beneficial?  When planning on planting an area around the house most of us think that some type of barrier to minimize the weed infestation is an absolute necessity. Professional weed barriers do provide a level of deterrent for weed populations; however, they do not eliminate […]

Mother Nature isn’t done yet!

Lawn Insects and Lawn Fungi Are at a Near Record High This Spring: The moisture we have received in the month of May combined with the resulting high humidity in the Denver Metro Area has created multiple environmental problems for lawns. Lawn diseases are abnormally active because of the moisture conditions and long term wet […]