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Lawn Mites – what can you do?

The warm days and cold nights this October have caused mites to come out early. Lawn mite populations are already high, so damage is already starting in dry and sunny areas of lawns.

As soon as the sprinkler systems get turned off for the season, mite activity starts. Now is the time to start taking south facing lawn miteaction to cut back on winter mite activity. The best way to prevent costly and time consuming lawn repairs in the spring is to combat mite activity during the winter.

During the winter, mites often do a great deal of damage to areas of a lawn while snow covers other areas. Because of this, Mountain High charges only for the areas sprayed.

mites by sidewalkA combination of winter watering and mite sprays can keep a yard happy and healthy throughout the dormant season.

Areas of west and south facing turf are particularly susceptible to lawn mite damage.  As the winter sun beats down on these areas it provides extra heat for the mites to actively feed.  At the same time the heat is drying out the ground, so there is no moisture to replenish what the
mites are taking from the grass.
Other areas hard hit by mites are areas where the sun reflects down from windows, off of light colored fences, rock walls and under evergreens.

Remember:  Winter watering is often not enough to prevent damage.  However, winter watering in combination with targeted mite sprays can reduce mite populations to the point where grass can fully and quickly recover in the spring.

Let Mountain High team up with you, so together we can prevent unsightly and expensive mite damage.