At Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape, we will make sure your lawn, trees and shrubs are golden.

Since 1974, we at Mountain High Tree & Lawn have been servicing picturesque Golden, Colorado, ensuring residents have yards that compare to the surrounding beauty.

Trees are plentiful in the Golden area, and that is a wonderful thing. But that also means tree care is often needed even more than other areas of Colorado. At Mountain High Tree & Lawn, our expert arborists have vast experience in not only caring for trees, but also caring for trees specifically in the Golden area. We are here for you to plant new trees, prune your trees and remove old trees. Contact us if you are looking to inject a little more life into your trees.

Lawn care is also essential in Golden, given the variety of wildlife and pests that make the area home. We at Mountain High Tree & Lawn offer a variety of services to care for your lawn, including organic fertilization, weed control (including control products that specifically treat native grasses) and aeration, which oxygenates and hydrates your lawn.

In addition, we also specialize in shrub care. This includes Golden-specific fertilizers, as well as organic pesticides that care for your shrubs while being safer for the environment. Looking to keep pests out of your home? We happen to offer perimeter pest control, too. Ask us about our shrub services and products.

You may also be happy to know that we at Mountain High Tree & Lawn feature a top-notch mulch. Our Supreme Organic Mulch is not only effective in protecting your lawn and plants, but it’s also composed of 100 percent recycled tree debris from the surrounding area. This mulch comes in several different colors and textures for different types of yards and preferences. If you are interested in our Supreme Organic Mulch, drop by our Lakewood location or ask us to deliver it straight to your doorstep.

So, if you think we might be a match, contact us at Mountain High Tree & Lawn and we will visit you at your property and conduct a free initial inspection. Then, we will go over a thorough plan with you to take care of your beloved trees, lawn and shrubs.

For a complimentary initial inspection, call us at 303-232-0666. We can’t wait to meet you.