Tree Planting

Tree-PlantingGet help with planting the perfect tree in your landscape.

There’s a Chinese proverb that says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today.” At Mountain High, our experts can help you decide exactly what trees and shrubs are best suited for your specific landscape needs and conditions today.

First we’ll evaluate your goals and help you determine what you’d like your trees to bring to your yard. Do you want shade, screening, spring flowers, fall color or just a lovely tree in the perfect spot? When helping you decide what tree will work, we’ll look at its features and attributes. For example, some trees offer faster growth while others need protection from harsh northern exposures. Other trees have seed pods or tiny leaves, which can be a maintenance consideration. We’ll tell you how large the tree will be at maturity and talk about its water needs. We’ll also discuss its compatibility with other trees in your yard. Clearly, there are lots of things to consider when you choose a tree, and we have the answers you need to make a great choice.

Once you decide what trees or shrubs you want and where you want them, we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll choose your tree at the nursery, deliver it, plant it, apply our natural mulch, and cover it with our guarantee. We’ll also review its watering and ongoing care needs with you. A tree is a beautiful investment that will give you years of shade, pleasure and beauty. Let Mountain High help you choose the right tree for your Colorado yard.

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Mulching newly planted trees

Applying a 3” to 4” layer of organic mulch seasonally is one of the best cultural practices you can implement for your trees and shrubs. When applying mulch, be sure to place it so that it doesn’t touch your tree and shrub trunks and stems. Also applying more than 4” deep can be harmful.

The benefits of proper mulching are significant. With mulching, you can:

  • Lessen water needs by up to 30%
  • Insulate for temperature extremes
  • Provide much-needed nutrients and organics through its break down
  • Suppress weed growth
  • Avoid the need to mow or string trim right next to tree trunks
  • Add color and texture interest to your landscape. 

Mountain High Makes Its Own Organic Mulch
Buy local and sustainable

Denver Landscaping Mulch
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View Mulch Pricing & Colors here »

Mountain High is proud to recycle 100% of our green waste to produce our Supreme™ Organic Mulch. Our custom grinding process allows our mulch to mat down and stay put better than any other organic mulch on the market. Our mulches are made from 100% local tree debris, and our processes ensure they are disease, weed and pest free. You’ll also find there are no pallets, nails or construction debris in our mulch. Supreme™ Organic Mulch is available in several natural and colored varieties including popular shades like dark brown, dark red and amber.

Check out our exclusive small particle fines mulch available in natural and dark brown.

We offer free loading onto trucks and trailers at our Lakewood yard, as well as delivery to the entire Denver metro area.