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Lawn Care in Denver—why you need a partner
Denver’s dry climate and strong sunshine make it difficult to grow grass. Proper watering and aeration are essential to the health of your yard. Lawn fertilization is also crucial to maintain a healthy turf that can withstand our climate conditions. Properly fertilized grass is healthier and thicker, which helps to crowd out weeds. Healthy turf is also better able to handle heavy foot traffic and drought conditions. We are experts at Denver lawn fertilization, we use organic and conventional fertilizers that are specially designed for our Colorado climate.

Our Lawn Care Services include:

Lawn Care, Weed Killer

Over Seeding
Over seeding sparse, patchy, shady and thinning areas of grass can also be beneficial to keep your lawn thicker, healthier and more weed free. Over seeding is best done in the spring or fall when the temperatures aren’t too hot. To give the seeds a better opportunity to germinate, it’s a good idea to prepare the areas by heavily aerating first or at least roughing up or topdressing them. Watering several times a day so the seeded areas don’t dry out is mandatory for germination. If seeds dry out even just once, they may not germinate. Also, if you plan on over seeding in the spring, you don’t want to apply a pre-emergent herbicide because it will prevent the seeds from germinating. Let us know if you would like to include over seeding with your program and aeration.

Rock, Bed & Border Weed Control
Our four-application program is designed to control weeds and unwanted grasses in rocked or mulched beds and other non-turf areas. Cracks and crevices in walks and driveways are also included. We start with an early season pre-emergent application and follow up with three post-emergent weed control applications spread out throughout the rest of the season. Our four-application program guarantees control.
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There are many variables that can affect a Colorado lawn. Differences in soil quality, sun exposure, slope, watering practices, turf/sod varieties, susceptibilities to pathogens, and proximity to native weeds are just a few. Personal preferences also play a role in determining the kind of lawn or sod that meets your family’s needs and lifestyle. Over the years, we’ve learned that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to lawn care in Denver. That’s why we offer a variety of service options that work with your environment, your needs, and your budget.

Our Denver lawn service experts use top-quality lawn fertilization treatments that work best in our Denver climate. We also know how to determine exactly how much fertilizer you need to achieve the best results. To assist with lawn fertilization treatments, we also offer Revive, a Colorado-based product that was created to improve water penetration and nutrient absorption. Revive breaks up or loosens hard soil and works perfectly with our lawn fertilization treatments to green up your grass.

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