Tree & Shrub Fertilization

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Did you know that fertilizing trees is one of the most overlooked things you can do for the health of your trees?

Denver and other Front Range soils are not typically fertile. Instead, they are often hard-packed clay that has little or no organic or nutrient content. To combat this condition, Mountain High has developed a proven regimen that includes a very slow-release fertilizer plus bio stimulants such as Mycorrhizae and other beneficial fungi, plus Yuccah to enhance root absorption and uptake. The benefits of this formulation can last for up to two full years. Many other tree fertilizers on the market simply don’t compare to our formula. Most use “readily available” nitrogen which is used up very quickly, and would have to be applied multiple times over the same two-year period. Quick-release fertilizers also require a more time-sensitive application—too much nitrogen released at the same time can not only cause unhealthy growth surges, it can also aggravate some disease and health issues.

For chlorotic (yellowing) trees, which often include both Maple and Oak varieties, we offer special tree fertilizer formulations that include chelated iron and other trace elements that are less likely to be “tied up” by our clay soils, making them unavailable to the plant. To maximize the benefits, this treatment often needs to be reapplied several times. When root treatments aren’t effective, we also offer trunk injections, as they are not affected by our poor soils.

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