Vole Control

Pest Control - Voles in Denver Lawns
Vole Damaged Juniper bush in Denver

Avoid vole damage

A vole is a small rodent resembling a mouse, but with a stouter body and a shorter tail. They are sometimes called field mice.

Vole activity has increased over the last few years. They are usually more abundant in areas near open space and generally prefer to set up their nests under low growing Junipers, but can be found nesting under a variety of plants.

The damage can be extensive as they chew the bark off the plants including trees that are growing through low growing shrubs. We have seen entire grown shrubs and trees killed by voles. They also tunnel through causing extensive damage.

Denver Lawn Damage – Vole Trails in Grass
Denver Lawn Damage – Vole Trails

If you know you have voles or to minimize damage, Mountain High can set up a series of bait stations containing vole, rat and mouse poison. Depending on the severity of the problem, the bait stations need to be monitored and refilled between weekly and monthly.

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