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Fall is Here!

The leaves are beginning to change and Mother Nature is putting on a show. As the caretakers of our landscapes we can assist our trees and shrubs in order to put on the best display of fall color possible. The key is water, which in Colorado is no surprise. Our trees require water to go through their fall processes, including communicating hormonally from the roots to the branch tips. Supplying the needed water will ensure our landscapes remain functional throughout the fall color season.

It is also important to evaluate your shade trees, including Ash, Oaks, Maples, Cottonwoods, and Crabapples, to look for structural problems. Poor branch structure could manifest itself in heavy limbs, limbs with long/horizontal growth, or branches that have previous damage from wind/snow. Addressing the structure of a tree by correctively pruning the tree can greatly help to reduce the likelihood of winter storm damage. It is much easier and wiser to work on our trees before the snow starts flying, so take a walk through your landscape and look for signs of trouble. If you would like one of Arborists to evaluate your property with you, just give us a call. We would be happy to meet with you this fall.

Look for crossing branches


Wrap stems of young trees








Water, water, water!