Tree Top Times

Celebrate Arbor Day ~ Plant a Tree!

Celebrate Arbor Day – Plant A Tree In the world of trees, April is the month for Arbor Day and planting trees.  Julius Sterling Morton started Arbor Day in April of 1872 in Nebraska.  Today, Arbor Day is recognized in every state on various dates, usually coinciding with a good time of year to plant […]

April is National Lawn Care Month

April is National Lawn Care Month! Get your lawn headed in the right direction with a professional lawn care program. We will apply a free application of Revive on any new lawn customer’s turf to help get it headed in the right direction! It’s finally April, a time to really start looking at all the […]

Healthy Soil for Healthy Trees, shrubs and lawns!

Healthy trees and shrubs starts with good soil structure and proper soil nutrition.  It is crucial for you to take advantage of this springtime to ensure the best results for your yard’s health all summer long. Promoting soil quality should be part of your landscape care program. The benefits of improving soil quality include, but are not […]

Congratulations Ralph Bronk this years recipient of the Bob Cannon Lifetime Achievement Award!

The staff at Mountain High Tree would like to say Congratulations to owner Ralph Bronk, (pictured below with Becky Hammond, president of ALCC in Denver).  Ralph was presented with the Bob Cannon Lifetime achievement award at the ALCC awards ceremony held earlier in March.   This lifetime achievement award recognizes longtime service, commitment, loyalty, dedication and contribution to the landscape industry […]


It’s Springtime in the Rockies, a time to start enjoying all the outdoor activities our warmer weather brings. A time to enjoy green grass, flowering plants, gardens and the feel of the sun’s warmth. Now is the time to get the pre-emergent on your lawn to fight problems – like Crabgrass. It is also time […]

Lakewood Lawn Care

Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape offers a full range of lawn services in Lakewood, including lawn fertilization, organic lawn care, weed control, lawn aeration, extended release fertilizers, and lawn pest control. With Lakewood’s hot, dry summers, and winters that bring huge snowstorms and also long periods of dry weather, our lawns need a lot […]

Lakewood Tree Service

Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape’s Arborists in Lakewood will treat your trees right, we are experts in tree trimming, diagnosing tree health issues, and tree removals. We have all the equipment to handle large trees, even those that are hard to access or several stories tall. Our expert tree climbers can reach hard to […]

Tussock Moth in the Front Range

The insect known as Douglas-Fir Tussock moth began showing up again around the Denver Metro Area in 2015; it pops up in sporadic pockets in landscapes and parks.  The larva of this insect feeds on needles of Spruce, Douglas-Fir, White Fir and Concolor Fir.  The feeding of this larva typically begins at the top of […]

Meet Becky Black

Becky has been with Mountain High since 2004 where she performs administrative, research and other work for the sales crew. Working for up to 7 sales guys keeps her very busy.        She is a busy mom of 2, with 1 daughter who is an artist extraordinaire and her son Nick who is a […]