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Lawn care tips for warm (HOT) weather!

The transition from cooler spring weather to hot summer weather has been a quick change over this year. This leads to extra stress on the lawn.  There are a few things home owners can do and should know about their lawns as the heat of summer gets into high gear. Mowing: Mowing height adjustment is […]

April is National Lawn Care Month

April is National Lawn Care Month! Get your lawn headed in the right direction with a professional lawn care program. We will apply a free application of Revive on any new lawn customer’s turf to help get it headed in the right direction! It’s finally April, a time to really start looking at all the […]

Healthy Soil for Healthy Trees, shrubs and lawns!

Healthy trees and shrubs starts with good soil structure and proper soil nutrition.  It is crucial for you to take advantage of this springtime to ensure the best results for your yard’s health all summer long. Promoting soil quality should be part of your landscape care program. The benefits of improving soil quality include, but are not […]

Winter Lawn Care in Denver

Lawn Care in the Denver Area can be tricky. This year is no different. Because of the heavy snowfall of January, Snow Mold can now be found on many lawns in the Denver area. It appears as gray matted down grass once the snow melts off. Fungicides need to be applied prior to long lasting […]

Potential Damage from De-Icing Salt Products

De-Icing Salt Products and Potential Damage to Plants With the recent snow and cold weather most of us have to use some type of product to help keep the resulting ice under control. There are many products on the market that can be used and each has different properties, end results and impact on your […]

How to Control Rabbit Damage

Rabbit Damage Once again the rabbit population along the Front Range is extremely high. Several factors, including the decrease in foxes and other natural predators, coupled with the extra precipitation of the spring, have contributed to this.When food sources are abundant the populations of rabbits per litter goes up. On average, rabbits have between 2 and […]

Keep Your Plants Healthy Through the Winter

Denver is arid, that means trees and grass are always at risk throughout the winter months. We understand this is challenging, but as experts we want to help you understand the dangers of winter and some ways to protect your precious landscape and replenish it as the winter passes. Trees Dead branches are always a […]

De-icing & Salt Landscape Damage in the Springs

Every winter, homeowners use a variety of de-icing salt products to combat ice as it builds up on sidewalks, steps, and driveways. Regardless of the type of salt product that is used the resulting damage is always the same.    Spalding in concrete caused by Salt for melting ice. Salt, by its nature, is acidic. Conversely, […]