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The time is right to start caring for your lawn:

Early spring is the time to get a jump on getting a happy and healthy lawn for the entire season. A good green-up in the spring will help with root development and will allow the yard to fill in any winter damage more quickly. By acting now, your lawn will also be much better prepared to fight off the heat of summer. With the warm weather this March, weeds are already popping. Dandelions, mallow, and plantain can be found  throughout many yards and rock areas. Get a jump on those weeds before they really take off with a spring lawn service from Mountain High.

Early season lawn care is a combination of timing of the crabgrass pre-emergent herbicide application and getting down fertilizer for root development and growth. It is crucial that the timing is proper for the best results. Pre-emergent also acts on other seeds, not just crabgrass, so if you are planning on seeding, the use of pre-emergent needs to be left out of the normal lawn care regimen.

Aeration is another key to a good healthy lawn. The roots of the grass need to be able to breathe. In addition, with less soil compaction water is better able to penetrate, which in turn helps with developing a deeper root system. Another thing aeration does is to help break down thatch naturally.

Another thing to keep in mind is proper fertilization helps to take a yard out of dormancy without major stress and then keeps feeding it while also working towards a dense, healthy lawn. Getting a well-timed spring fertilization will also contribute to deeper roots and better color, giving you a healthy base to enjoy your lawn all season long.

Preparing your lawn for spring also includes getting debris off the yard. A good spring hand raking, will also help to fluff up the lawn so air can better circulate through the grass blades. This will reduce problems with diseases while also allowing easier penetration of moisture to the soil. (Power raking is not recommended for most lawns because it can expose roots and can do major damage to the lawn.)

If you would like a free estimate on your lawn, call Mountain High.  Let Lee and his team take care of your lawn fertilization and weed control needs.

By letting the lawn care professionals at Mountain High take care of your lawn fertilization and weed control, you will be placing your lawn in the best and most caring hands in the business.

Winter mites are still a problem:

As the lawn care season gets rolling please keep in mind winter mites have been bad again this winter. They will continue to do damage to Front Range lawns until regular watering begins. Do not let your lawn fall victim to them.

Keep an eye out for dry crunchy grass. Lawns should never be crunchy, instead even a dormant lawn should have a soft texture. Mites like to feed on south and west facing areas of your lawn. Also watch out for areas along fence lines and under evergreens. All are prime areas for mite damage.

Should you see brown crunchy crass that has a straw-like appearance chances are good you are seeing mite damage. Getting a spray before it gets too bad is important to helping your lawn recover. Don’t hesitate to call the Mountain High lawn care team for a mite spray