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Spring planning!


Once again, the weather this early spring has driven how we care for our landscapes. The first three months of 2017 have been very dry and much warmer than normal so we have been telling everyone to get outside and water their landscapes. Over the last two weeks we have begun to see the benefit of those efforts. We are seeing Plums, Apricots, Crabapples, Forsythia, and Pears flowering all over town. Now we are excited that the rainfall from the last week of March will spur the flowering of the Apples, Cherries, and Redbuds

It is very crucial to always be two steps ahead of Mother Nature when it comes to caring for your landscape. Stress in trees is often masked by the reserves of the tree until it is nearly too late to reverse the decline. Supplemental watering during dry winter months is just one of many steps to include when maintaining a healthy landscape. A few other things to put on your list of landscape care tasks for the spring include:

  1. Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to your turf to keep pesky weeds from getting a foothold.
  2. Apply a layer of fresh mulch to your bedding areas to insulate plant roots, retain moisture and suppress weeds around flowers and shrubs.
  3. Fertilize your trees in the spring to make sure all the necessary nutrients are available. Be sure to look for plants with obvious deficiencies like iron chlorosis in Maples and Oaks.
  4. Clean up any leftover leaf and branch debris throughout the landscape to help reduce the pressure from overwintering pathogens.
  5. Monitor the weather forecast to help stay ahead of dry weather patterns by supplementing with irrigation.
  6. Plan any outdoor projects so they don’t adversely impact existing tree roots.

We know it may seem like there is always so much to do around your landscape, but that is where we can help alleviate some of that burden. Let our expert Arborists help you trouble shoot existing problems as well as plan ahead to avoid problems.