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Winter Watering – Put on your to-do list!

We may sound like a broken record when we talk about watering trees in the winter, but somehow this crucial practice remains one of the most overlooked tasks of caring for trees in Colorado. Maintaining adequate soil moisture helps to prevent unnecessary root loss due to desiccation. It is always our hope that Mother Nature will provide snow or rain at evenly spaced intervals, but as is the case this fall and winter, we have barley had any precipitation since August.

This extremely dry and warm weather pattern has put added stress on many of our trees, young and old. It then becomes imperative for us to supplement water whenever possible. Applying water in the winter can sometimes be a major pain in the butt as temperatures get colder. Pulling garden hoses out of your garage is no fun, and leaving them outside overnight often results in crunchy and frozen hoses by morning.

Fortunately, we are available to take this chore of your “to-do” list. Our equipment is designed to deliver large volumes of water quickly and efficiently. We also add a soil conditioner that helps to keep the soil moist longer and improves soil structure. Our deep root watering and soil drenching will supply water to the critical root zones of your trees without damaging any irrigation lines.

The benefit of winter watering to improve tree health is unmistakable. Give us a call if you have questions about winter watering for your trees and shrubs. We would be happy to evaluate your property to ensure the best spring possible next year.  deep-root-water-good-pic-web-kevin-finn