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Fireblight – What to do?

Fireblight – discoloration in sapwood.

Although this fall has been exceptionally warm, we know that the cold temperatures are right around the corner. The cold temperatures offer an opportunity to begin pruning trees and shrubs that are currently, or potentially, infected by various fungal and bacterial diseases. These diseases are less active in the dormant season, so the likelihood of spreading more disease is reduced.

We have seen significant jumps in the occurrence of fire blight and cytospora canker. The spring weather of 2015 and 2016 has been very conducive to high infection rates. Antibiotic treatments have been helpful in reducing the damage to infected trees, but proper pruning in the dormant season is a vital part of any treatment program. Removing as much visible infection from the canopy of the tree, and cleaning up fallen leaf debris helps to reduce the amount of inoculum that will overwinter in or near the tree.

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