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How to “Revive” Your Soil in Denver

As temperatures heat up and conditions become arid, it’s not uncommon for your yard soil to become hard and dry, particularly in naturally dry places like Denver. This, in turn, makes it difficult for trees and plants to grow – even with proper watering – because the water isn’t penetrating enough. In fact, hard soil […]

Winter Lawn Care in Denver

Lawn Care in the Denver Area can be tricky. This year is no different. Because of the heavy snowfall of January, Snow Mold can now be found on many lawns in the Denver area. It appears as gray matted down grass once the snow melts off. Fungicides need to be applied prior to long lasting […]

Four Tips to Save Your Lawn in the Autumn Months

Here are four tips to keep your lawn looking gorgeous through the upcoming fall and winter months. Fertilizing: It is very important to keep your lawn fertilized. As autumn goes on, your grass struggles to get the nutrients it needs. We offer fall lawn fertilization that’s called “winterization.”  It’s lower in nitrogen and designed to […]