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Get to Know Chad Szpunar

Get to know us – Meet Chad Szpunar My name is Chad Szpunar.  Before starting work with Mountain High Tree in November of 2014, I owned and operated a small tree care service in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 9 years.  Currently I am a foreman at Mountain High Tree in the tree pruning and removal […]

Lawn and Native Grass Weeds at all time HIGH!

Lawn manager, Lee Kral says that weeds are the worst that he has ever seen them. Is yours or your neighbors yard turning yellow?  Call us at Mountain High Tree, we can help.  Weeds have been out of control this season as the weather has created the perfect condition for them to take hold. “Fairy […]

Vole Damage is Rapidly Appearing

Now that temperatures are warming, the chewing and feeding done by voles this winter is showing up with a vengeance. Especially hard hit are areas of Monument and the Broadmoor. Many spreading and mounding junipers are yellowing and browning rapidly.               Quick facts on voles: • Often called meadow, […]

Tree Growth Regulator

Choose Cambistat for Growth Reduction and Other Health Benefits Cambistat is a soil applied plant growth regulator. Tree species differ in sensitivity to Cambistat, which allows for growth reduction varying from between 30% to 60% over a three-year period—and that’s just from one treatment. In addition, Cambistat also redirects some of the energy that would […]


It’s Springtime in the Rockies, a time to start enjoying all the outdoor activities our warmer weather brings. A time to enjoy green grass, flowering plants, gardens and the feel of the sun’s warmth. Now is the time to get the pre-emergent on your lawn to fight problems – like Crabgrass. It is also time […]

Lakewood Lawn Care

Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape offers a full range of lawn services in Lakewood, including lawn fertilization, organic lawn care, weed control, lawn aeration, extended release fertilizers, and lawn pest control. With Lakewood’s hot, dry summers, and winters that bring huge snowstorms and also long periods of dry weather, our lawns need a lot […]

Lakewood Tree Service

Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape’s Arborists in Lakewood will treat your trees right, we are experts in tree trimming, diagnosing tree health issues, and tree removals. We have all the equipment to handle large trees, even those that are hard to access or several stories tall. Our expert tree climbers can reach hard to […]