Tree Top Times

Time to Get Ready for Winter Vole Season

Voles are particularly damaging during the winter months. Mountain High Tree can help you prepare so they don’t cause damage to your trees and lawn. What are Voles? Voles are small, mice-like rodents that can cause visible damage to your lawn and landscape plants. Voles reproduce rapidly and can breed at any time of the […]

Vole Damage is Rapidly Appearing

Now that temperatures are warming, the chewing and feeding done by voles this winter is showing up with a vengeance. Especially hard hit are areas of Monument and the Broadmoor. Many spreading and mounding junipers are yellowing and browning rapidly.               Quick facts on voles: • Often called meadow, […]

How to Control Rabbit Damage

Rabbit Damage Once again the rabbit population along the Front Range is extremely high. Several factors, including the decrease in foxes and other natural predators, coupled with the extra precipitation of the spring, have contributed to this.When food sources are abundant the populations of rabbits per litter goes up. On average, rabbits have between 2 and […]