Tree Top Times

Mild conditions – what insects to look out for.

Thus far our spring has been mild in temperature and blessed with periodic moisture. These mild conditions have helped many trees produce abundant foliage. Abundant foliage may look pleasing, but can also offer an expansive pallet of food for many chronic insects like aphids, mites, and scales. The insects can have multiple generations in a […]

Vole Damage is Rapidly Appearing

Now that temperatures are warming, the chewing and feeding done by voles this winter is showing up with a vengeance. Especially hard hit are areas of Monument and the Broadmoor. Many spreading and mounding junipers are yellowing and browning rapidly.               Quick facts on voles: • Often called meadow, […]

Colorado Springs hit hard by snow!

Springtime in Colorado never ceases to amaze us. April 29th was National Arbor Day for planting trees, yet Colorado Springs got a dose of wet sloppy snow. It brought wonderful moisture and an anticipation of flowers and a green up of our trees and shrubs in May. The heavy snow caused some breakage in Elms, […]

Spring weather, your trees and what to look out for!

Spring in Colorado can be hard on our landscapes. This spring is no exception with two significant snow storms that resulted in major limb breakage. This damage impacts our trees in many ways, some immediate and obvious, and some are delayed and are more difficult to see. It is easy to see how the limbs […]

Celebrate Arbor Day ~ Plant a Tree!

Celebrate Arbor Day – Plant A Tree In the world of trees, April is the month for Arbor Day and planting trees.  Julius Sterling Morton started Arbor Day in April of 1872 in Nebraska.  Today, Arbor Day is recognized in every state on various dates, usually coinciding with a good time of year to plant […]

Healthy Soil for Healthy Trees, shrubs and lawns!

Healthy trees and shrubs starts with good soil structure and proper soil nutrition.  It is crucial for you to take advantage of this springtime to ensure the best results for your yard’s health all summer long. Promoting soil quality should be part of your landscape care program. The benefits of improving soil quality include, but are not […]

Tussock Moth in the Front Range

The insect known as Douglas-Fir Tussock moth began showing up again around the Denver Metro Area in 2015; it pops up in sporadic pockets in landscapes and parks.  The larva of this insect feeds on needles of Spruce, Douglas-Fir, White Fir and Concolor Fir.  The feeding of this larva typically begins at the top of […]

Emerald Ash Borer in The Denver Post

The Denver Post just reported on the Emerald Ash Borer, a pest that has the potential to do $82 million in damage to our Denver trees. While the Emerald Ash Borer has not been found in Denver yet, it has unfortunately arrived in Boulder, Colorado, and it’s likely it will spread into Denver Ash trees […]

Roots: The Landscape Below Ground

Roots – Because roots are “out of sight” they are usually “out of mind”.  As well as absorbing nutrients and water, they are key to a tree’s ability to support itself.  Drought or other impacts can cause a loss of portions of a tree’s root system, so supplementing these needs is important.  Following are some ways […]