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Getting your yard ready for spring!

With warmer weather and the spring fertilization season just around the corner, it’s a good idea to invest a little time getting your yard ready for the season. Here are a few tips on what you can do now to prepare your yard for spring.

Walk your yard:
Before you start to do any yard work, it’s a good idea to take a walk through your yard to survey any damage that has occurred over the winter. Look for any hanging branches or split limbs and see what other hazards winter may have created in and around your lawn and landscape.

Edge your garden beds:
Define the edge around your garden. As you work your way around, kick any of the edging materials into the bed so it can be raked off after. By doing this you will give our lawn care team a clear and easy way to define the area where you expect lush healthy grass to be and what areas you need a Rock, Bed & Border treatment done.

Clean your lawn & beds:
Remove any remaining leaves and other debris left over from winter. This allows the grass to have full access to air and sunlight. This is also a good time to look over your mulch and rock beds; look for dead leaves and branches. It’s important to remove as much of the old materials as possible so that it doesn’t build up and smother your plants. You should also check around the base of any woody trees and shrubs to make sure there is ‘breathing room’ around their trunks. If there is any buildup of leaves, remove them so that it doesn’t cause the wood to rot.

Remove debris from around the foundation of the house:
With the very dry and warm winter we have had this year, insect and spider activity will be close to an all-time high this spring and summer. While our Bug Barrier program will greatly cut down on intruders coming into the house, keeping the area around the outside foundation of the house clear and clean will give you and your family extra protection from unwanted insects and spiders.