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Time to Get Ready for Winter Vole Season

Voles are particularly damaging during the winter months. Mountain High Tree can help you prepare so they don’t cause damage to your trees and lawn.

What are Voles?
Voles are small, mice-like rodents that can cause visible damage to your lawn and landscape plants. Voles reproduce rapidly and can breed at any time of the year, though breeding in spring and summer is most common. Voles can have up to ten offspring per litter and up to 10 litters per year. It takes only a month before baby voles are able to reproduce themselves. Since Voles have such a rapid reproduction rate, it is vital to get populations under control before it becomes a full infestation.
Because they are prey for a number of predators, voles dens are tend to be found in sheltered areas including in berms, under junipers, and in rock walls. Voles feed off of roots and plants often times stripping bark off of woody plants causing significant dieback and in the worst cases death to landscape plants.
Though voles are known to cause harm to lawns year around, they are particularly destructive during the winter months when they have a blanket of snow to protect them. As winter is upon us, it is imperative to ensure that a family of voles is not calling your lawn home before the snow offers them winter cover.

What to Do About Voles?
Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape offers treatment programs to reduce both populations of voles and the damage they cause. While vole eradication is not possible, keeping the populations down can prevent widespread damage and cut back on costly repairs to landscape plantings, yards, and even hardscapes. The first step to ensure this is to have our team inspect your property for signs of voles. If voles are present our treatment plans offer long-term solutions to your vole infestation and can significantly lower winter vole damage.

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The trained professionals at Mountain High Tree can help ensure that voles are not running rampant on your property. Call us to set up an inspection today!