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How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home in the Denver and surrounding areas

Bugs not only affect your plants and lawn, but they also can make their way into your home.

That’s why it’s important to know some effective ways to control pest invasions.

At Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape, we offer a perimeter pest control/bug barrier program that can stop bugs in their tracks. The five-application program controls pests for an entire season, establishes an outside perimeter that keeps spiders, centipedes, ants and other pests from scampering into your beloved home.

Beyond our treatment, here are some things you can do on your own to reduce the chance of pests crawling into your living quarters. Read on for some helpful tips.

Seal Off Entry Points Into Your Home

When it comes to bigger bugs and rodents like mice, the first thing you should do is look along the foundation of your home for any possible entry points.

Doors that don’t shut all the way can be problem areas. Garage doors are big-time hotspots for critters because a lot of garage doors don’t rest tightly on the ground, leaving little openings where rodents can scamper through. Also check your basement windows for any cracks or small openings.

It’s also a good idea to check where pipes run through your home, as there is usually a little space for varmints to squeeze through.

Secure Your Food/Drinks

It’s inevitable that pests are going to look for a cozy place to live, but if you have a bunch of food lying around you are basically inviting them in.

Beetles, ants, fruit flies and other insects will have a field day if they discover there is food and drink out in the open to munch on. Make sure you put leftovers in sealable containers right away, and clean up regularly so there aren’t a bunch of crumbs scattered around.

If You Have Pets, Regularly Groom Them

Little bugs love to go for rides on dogs, cats and other common domestic animals…straight into your living room.

If your pet hangs out outside a lot, chances are your beloved companion is bringing in all sorts of pests and insects if you bring him or her inside at night.

Besides keeping your pet healthier, regularly grooming and giving your pet a bath also washes away a bunch of insects that could potentially parachute down and find nice little living spaces.

If the pests of summer are bugging you, call the experts at Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape Co. at 303.232.0666.