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Trees aren’t the only thing affected by the weather, lawns are too!


Trees and shrubs are not the only thing taking a beating throughout all of the snow storms that have plagued the Front Range area. Lawns are in for an uphill battle as well! The extreme amounts of moisture and temperature changes are all adding up to problems this season. In addition to the weather affecting our lawns, it is also affecting our ability to schedule the work efficiently.
Dandelions and other broad leaf weeds are going to be a problem as putting down any pre-emergent has been hard to schedule around all the snow. On an interesting note, did you know that Dandelions are a prime pollen producer that bees absolutely love? Probably because they are so wide spread, but still something to think about.
Remember that Crabgrass must have at least 10 days of 50º+ weather before it can germinate. If you are seeing what you think is Crabgrass, it is more than likely a species of tall fescue.  If you have any questions, please call us for a free estimate.