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Winter Lawn Care in Denver

Snow Mold - CloseupSnow Mold in a denver Lawn

Lawn Care in the Denver Area can be tricky. This year is no different. Because of the heavy snowfall of January, Snow Mold can now be found on many lawns in the Denver area. It appears as gray matted down grass once the snow melts off. Fungicides need to be applied prior to long lasting snows. With Front Range snows normally not staying on lawns very long, fungicides are not a good option for snow mold and are not normally needed in the Front Range of Colorado.

Since snow mold activity is greatest beneath covers that maintain moist conditions, all leaves or other materials should be removed from the lawn. In addition, it is best to avoid piling snow deeply along sidewalks and driveways where it will form a long-lasting snow bank. In the spring, rake away dead and matted foliage from damaged areas and use the rake to ‘fluff up’ the grass. This allows for air to flow and allows for recover of damaged grass while also allowing new growth to begin.  

Going forward, one thing to keep in mind is this: The most important means of preventing or reducing snow mold and other winter problems in lawns is the care of the grass at the end of the summer season. As long as the grass continues to grow, it should be mowed.

As always Mountain High Tree, Lawn and Landscape is only a phone call away for any of your tree or lawn care solutions.