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ORGANIC MULCH – Health and Beauty for Your Trees and Shrubs

Mulching is a great way to keep your trees and shrubs both beautiful and healthy. We offer a variety of sustainable organic mulches, made on-site from locally harvested logs and branches. Our mulch is aged and rotated to help eliminate tree pathogens. Its high quality ensures it mats down so it stays put, and is consistent in size and color for top dressing year to year.

Here’s how mulch benefits your yard.

Studies show that evaporation rates are decreased about 35% by top dressing with mulch. A 2” to 4” layer of mulch spread over the root zone is one of the most simple and effective things you can do for your landscape. Mulch is also an insulating layer, protecting the hard-working roots from extreme high and low temperatures. That’s why mulch is so helpful in Colorado. In addition, weeds find it difficult to grow through, which allows the roots to absorb all of the nutrients and moisture available.  As your mulch breaks down, it turns into nutrients that are useable by your trees and plants, therefore, creating a more fertile soil.

Note: Remember to leave 4 inches of space between mulch and the trunks of your trees.

Organic mulch is available in a variety of colors including amber, red, and dark brown. For those looking to add some color to the landscape, organic mulch is a must. It is also available in its natural color for a more subtle but still well-defined look. Mulch creates a natural and sensible partition between grass and other parts of the lawn as it surrounds and beautifies trees and shrubs. Basically, organic mulch is a gorgeous addition to any yard. Here’s a look at the different varieties we offer:

Call us today for an estimate. Our experts will work with you to find the perfect type and amount of mulch for your needs. An investment in mulch is an investment in your landscape.