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Get to Know Craig Bachmann – ISA Certified Arborist

Craig Bachmann ISA Certified Arborist

Craig Bachmann - Certified Arborist

My name is Craig Bachmann, and arboriculture is a second career for me.  After many years in traditional “business” jobs, I began again with a new career in tree work.  And to quote Robert Frost; “that has made all the difference.” Raised in northern Illinois, my childhood was spent climbing trees, riding horses and exploring the nearby woods.  As a teenager, I attended summer camp in Buena Vista, CO, where I learned to rock climb.  Then, I completed my degree in Environmental Science at Principia College, including a study-abroad program in New Zealand.  After college, I went “indoors” for 13 years for a series of sales and marketing jobs, while continuing to enjoy the outdoors through hobbies, like camping and rock/ice climbing, in the Northeast and then here in the West. Finally, I decided to change directions and combine my hobbies and my career.  Getting into tree work and earning my Certified Arborist designation has fulfilled a lifelong passion for me.  Spending every day outdoors, here in beautiful Colorado, is an incredible experience.  Whether I am hand-pruning delicate roses, pruning a large cottonwood or using a crane to remove a hazardous tree, being a Certified Arborist at Mountain High is one of the great joys in my life.