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Four Tips to Save Your Lawn in the Autumn Months

Here are four tips to keep your lawn looking gorgeous through the upcoming fall and winter months.

Fertilizing: It is very important to keep your lawn fertilized. As autumn goes on, your grass struggles to get the nutrients it needs. We offer fall lawn fertilization that’s called “winterization.”  It’s lower in nitrogen and designed to help with root growth.  It will absolutely help to keep your lawn looking its best.

Mowing: Mowing is often thought of as a spring or summer activity. You must, however, continue mowing into the fall until it stops growing. Set your blade low if you can and keep you grass short to ensure it gets enough sunlight and so it does not mat down.

Raking Leaves: The importance of raking your leave also cannot be overstressed. Leaves left on the grass will not allow the grass to breath. Just like water and nutrients, sunlight is important to your lawn. There is so much sunlight in Denver and just like mowing, raking ensures your grass is exposed to the sun.

Weed Control: With grass growing weaker in the fall, weeds are ready to move in and take over. Weed control is important. Only spot spray weeds, as herbicides are very bad for trees and shrubs, and build up within the soil with repeated use. We do not recommend “weed and feed” products for this reason.   Revive, a Denver-based product, is an exceptional alternative. It is made of all natural ingredients that strengthen your grass, thus pushing out and helping to control weeds.

These tips are great for Denver lawn care, but they are not guaranteed to work. Denver lawn care services and treatment professionals are a great resource to help you grow your lawn.

While we talk about fall now, Denver lawn care always takes fore-thought, and it’s never too early to think about spring. Right now we are offering a great discount on keeping your lawn weed-free in 2016.