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Drip Irrigation in Denver

Drip Irrigation Service DenverAs the weather starts getting warmer and we start turning on our sprinkler systems, remember to do a thorough inspection of all of the heads and check the entire yard for leaks. After walking through the system one zone at a time checking for misaligned heads, improper spray patterns or small leaks, be sure not to forget about any drip zones that you may have.

Drip irrigation is always the most difficult to determine whether there are any leaks or if all of the plants are getting adequate water. Typically, if you have run through your drip zones and found no problems the best course of action to be certain of there being no issues is to run the drip zones for a full cycle or two to help identify any problem areas. Drip irrigation is measured in gallons per hour, where your lawn irrigation is measure in gallons per minute. This is why a drip zone may need to run for a longer period of time to identify potential problems.

Be conscientious about how long each zone needs to run for to provide adequate water for your lawn and plants. Traditional spray heads can run for 10 -20 minutes, drip can run from 40 – 60 minutes, three times a week. Soil conditions, slope, exposure, time of year and layout of system will all have an impact on how long each zone should run.

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Drip Irrigation Service in Denver