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Denver Lawn Fertilization in the Spring

Denver Lawn FertilizationLet us help you get your lawn ready for FUN!

Yay! It’s finally April and a great time to start planning your family’s springtime and summertime FUN outdoor activities.

We know that it’s on your To Do List to start getting your grass green and healthy, planting your flower beds and vegetable gardens, getting your sprinkler system turned on, your lawn mowers, edger’s, aerators and blowers dusted off and working correctly.

With all of this to get done, why not let our team of Lawn Care Professionals sign you up to our Early Bird Lawn Special and take care of getting the pre-emergent on your lawn NOW to fight problems like crabgrass and dandelions. It’s also time to fertilize your lawn to get a good jump start before the heat of summer hits.

Denver Organic Lawn Fertilization CompanyWe have several lawn programs depending on your needs, so let us be part of your lawn’s future to ensure that you have both a healthy and beautiful lawn throughout the year.

Call us today at 303.232.0666 to get signed up, or fill out our estimate request form and be sure to mention “Early Bird Lawn Special” to get the first treatment for $24.95*. Read more »

Benefits of having a healthy lawn:

  • A well cared for lawn can significantly increase property values.
  • A healthy lawn is of utmost importance to our environment.
  • A 50-foot by 50-foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four.
  • Lawns cool the atmosphere. Eight healthy front lawns have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning, which is enough for 16 average homes.
  • Grass converts carbon dioxide to oxygen, a process that helps clear the air.
  • Thick, healthy grass slows water runoff, removing contaminants and trapping soil. Fresh, filtered water returns to the underground water supply.

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