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Top 3 Emerald Ash Borer Treatments for Ash Trees in Colorado

Adult Emerald Ash Borer
Adult Emerald Ash Borer. Photo: Pennsylvania Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources – Forestry Archive

Now that we know that the Emerald Ash Borer is here in Colorado, there are ways we can prevent this pest from invading your Ash trees. Arborists at Mountain High Tree can come out to inspect your trees and recommend the best treatment for the age and size of your Ash tree. The (only) good thing about this widespread pest, is that the treatments are working better and costing less as we figure out the best ways to protect your Ash trees. Not all trees need to be protected, some say you should wait for the Borer to show up in your area, however, if you want to be extra cautious, the following treatments are available. We will come out and discuss with you our best recommendations on if, how and when to treat your Ash trees.

Below are the top three examples of Emerald Ash Borer treatments for your Ash trees:

1. Systemic Soil injection or Drench for Ash Trees
• The best time for soil injection is in mid to late spring, or in mid fall.
• Control is dependent on the tree’s complete uptake of the active ingredients into the full tree, including the leaves. If the soil is dry, watering after treatment will help with the uptake.
• Moderate cost

2. Preventive Foliage and/or Bark Cover sprays for Ash Trees
• Sprays work best on younger Ash trees, as it relies on the complete coverage of the foliage and branches, or the bark of the tree. Older, larger trees have thicker bark which prevents absorption, and many are too large to adequately cover the canopy.
• Moderate cost

3. Trunk injection for Ash Trees
• The best time for trunk injections is in May to June.
• We often recommend trunk injection for older Ash Trees, as they have thicker bark and are too large for sprays or soil drench treatments.
• This treatment can be done every 2 years, making it one of the least expensive options as it be can be done less frequently.

Give Mountain High Tree a call at 303.232.0666 or send us an online estimate request today and we’ll recommend the best plan of action for your Ash trees.