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Tree of the Month – The Golden Raintree!

It’s that time of year again! The Crabapples and Pears are in bloom, and buds are beginning to sprout. This month we’re going to take a look at a gorgeous flowering tree called the Golden Rain Tree (Koelreuteria paniculata). This tree grows to a height of 35’ and spreads to around 35’. It has large yellow blooms in June and July which fall to form an attractive yellow carpet around the tree. The flowers are followed by very ornate seed pods and lovely yellow leaves in the fall. It’s a very hardy tree for our climate, and a great addition to a lawn or garden. I do not however, recommend planting this tree over the top of where cars will park or along the street, as it will drop its flowers and seed pods. Just as vehicles have their specific stomping grounds, trees are just the same. You wouldn’t take a smart car to rock crawl in Moab, but it’s a fantastic vehicle for city living. Finding the right tree for the right location, and planting them properly can be a daunting task. Give the experts a call, we are more than happy to help select and plant the right tree.