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How to Take Care of Your Trees in the Winter

Denver – and Colorado, in general – can have some pretty harsh winters, and we’re off to a really dry start.

That’s why it’s important to take all the necessary precautions to ensure your trees are primed for the season. Don’t forget proper fertilization and watering. The key word here is “proper.” You don’t want to under OR over water your trees. The same applies to your level of fertilization.

Let’s take a look at how to properly fertilize and water your trees for the winter months. Keep in mind, the proper amount of fertilization and water varies with every season and with different types of trees. If you are interested in receiving some professional tree care after reading this, Mountain High’s contact info is at the end of the article to help you get hold of our expert arborists.

Fertilization for the Winter

When treating your trees for the winter, it’s important to use a balanced fertilizer. This means that you should avoid fertilizers that are heavy in nitrogen. Nitrogen boosts growth, particularly when it comes to new and matures trees, but too much growth – especially heading into the winter – can be a bad thing. The tree is supposed to be dormant in the winter (it’s how it protects its living tissues from the harsh weather), so you don’t want to disturb this balance. Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape offers a slow-release fertilizer with yuccah soil conditioner, and can include beneficial micro-organisms such as mycorrhizae (a natural root bio-stimulant) for healthy growth, and more.

Proper Watering for the Winter

First of all, it’s important that you are properly watering your trees before the winter. Thinking that the winter moisture will solve all ills is misguided. There are dry spells and drought in the winter, just as much as in the summer. During those warm, dry winter days when the soils are cool but not frozen, it’s pivotal to water properly. And when you combine harsh winds and weather with subsequent drought, that can be even harder on your trees than in the summer. There are proper levels of watering for your trees in the summer and winter, and you can over water in the winter just as much as you can hardly water enough in the summer.

How We Can Help

Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape has been a trusted expert in Denver and the surrounding area since 1974. Our arborists are experienced and dedicated to the residents here, and – as a local company – we know the problems that trees and plants can face in Denver specifically.

If you are interested in our tree care services, call us at 303-232-0666. We will do an initial inspection of your yard free of charge to determine if you need better fertilization and watering, among other things.